Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy HEMI DAY 2013

426 needs no introduction...

April 26th might...For those that don't automatically associate everything under the sun with all things Mopar, April 26th converts over to 426...hence why myself and so many others refer to this day as "HEMI DAY."

The great thing about this year, is that HEMI DAY falls on a Friday...that means we not only get Friday to enjoy our HEMI Powered Mopars, but also have the weekend to take it in...

Personally, I don't think you have to have a HEMI to participate, but it is a nice perk...If you don't have a classic 426 Elephant under the hood, fear not...use this day as an excuse, I mean chance, to drive your Mopar regardless of the power plant.

I personally plan to roll in the M10 to work to get my daily dose of the Charger over the weekend for a dash of RB, and wrench on the Duster for a little small block action.

What do you have planned?  You can chime on on the LSM Forums:

I should also mention that this is the Six Year Anniversary of Amarillo Area Mopars!  It is hard to believe that on this date 6 years ago I was studying for my last finals and crafting a club that old timers and car people said would never happen.  All I heard was negative about how you couldn't get the Mopars out and no one would be interested...Well, turns out I am not the only crazy, ignorant person...AAM now boasts over 300 members and routinely outnumbers the brand-x camps at local cruises and shows.

You can read more about it here:

Similarly, you can help myself and AAM out by letting us know if you plan to run your Mopar at MAAD 3.0 or attend Chryslers in the Canyon.  Just use the links below:

MAAD 3.0 Racer Roll Call:

Chryslers n the Canyon V Pre-Registration:

Hope everyone enjoys HEMI DAY 2013 and the fact we have the entire weekend to celebrate!

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