Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid July Updates!

I just made the post requesting you follow along on Twitter (@ModifiedMopar), but I figured I should at least give you some links to follow.  The links will take you to articles with pictures and videos.

I've got a few more on tap including the Viper Dyno Day video and MAAD 3.0 video highlights.

Plus, there is a lot going on with Project Hard Charger!

That said, here are some links to tide you over:

Amarillo Area Mopars

-HEMI Day: Six Years of AAM:

-May Mopar of the Month:

May Cruise Night:

-June Mopar of the Month: John's 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst:

June Cruise Night:

-July Mopar of the Month: Bill's 440 Powered 1984 Dodge Ram:

-Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Ride of a Lifetime:

Follow LPS on Twitter

Follow Lance's Performance Shop on Twitter

Since LPS is divided up amongst several different sites:

-Amarillo Area Mopars

-Lone Star Mopars

-Mopar 10 Registry

-Project M10

Your best bet is to follow along on Twitter for all the latest!  I'll provide links to the above mentioned sites where you can keep up with everything.

I've cranked out a few features and videos since the HEMI Day Update. 

Needless to say, I stay pretty busy and Twitter is easy to utilize to keep you in touch with what is going on...That said, I will try to do a better job of actually posting here, it is just a bit difficult sometimes.