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Lone Star Mopars: Three Years and Three Steps to a Great Mopar Site

Today, Texas Independence Day, marks the Three Year Anniversary of Lone Star Mopars!

I have a lot planned for LSM, some of which I will keep back as a surprise, but trust me it is going to be good and you won't want to miss it! That said, some of the things I hope to really get on the ball are Features, Tech Articles, and The Club House:

1. Features

This is two-fold. I want to feature more of your Mopars, but I also want to recap Events.

1a: Your Mopar. Ever notice how lame and lackluster "features" are getting? It is almost like the quick list of specs is elaborated on with prices and a few cheesy puns. One thing I've noticed is that I have never met someone that will talk too little about their ride. Whether you have a project Duster that's spinning the factory Slant Six, a chipped Cummins, or an over the top resto...One thing gearheads never run low on is info on their ride. Plans, accomplishment, crazy background stories, and more. All of that combined is what makes a great feature. I want to write those features, I just need your information!

1b: Your Events. Ever get excited about a car show, plan to attend, and then have something come up at the last minute that keeps you home? Naturally, just like a sporting event, you want to know how it turned out. Who won? How many cars made it out? Did anyone actually win that sweet raffled trailer? I can't make all the dedicated Mopar events, but I can recap them with your help. When was the last time you saw a "List of Winners" that was complete, timely (ie not 3 months before the NEXT "annual" event) and that actually included pictures. First Place, Modified: Dave B.'s 71 Duster does absolutely nothing for your Mopar fix. I want to highlight the winners with names, pictures, and event info. Again, this can be accomplished with your help.

2. Tech Articles

Yep, that's right. Restoration, Modification, and even just routine maintenance. I know I'm not the only one who documents this stuff in detail! I want to take your hard earned work and feature it on LSM! You get full credit for the pictures, full credit for the write up, and all praise for the effort. We just help you share that helpful info with like minded folks looking for it! This is a Win-Win for everyone. Unlike some sites that claim "royalties" by selling your pictures and write-ups, you get all the credit you are due. Working on this platform, I think we can get more useful, pertinent, and well done tech features than other outlets.

3. The Club House (Combined with a little history on LSM)

One of our best features is the "Club House."  This is where we willingly create subforums for any Mopar Club, group of friends, regional band of enthusiasts etc...The main stream Mopar sites, particularly the late model Mopar sites, leave a lot to be desired in terms of your "freedom." I am shocked to see how they ban people and limit the sharing of links all at the cost of turning revenue. The entire purpose of a forum is to SHARE information. When you have to "pay" or be conned into making "donations" for basic forum perks like a signature line, avatar, or custom title you are getting hosed...big time.

The bigger slap in the face comes when you scroll all the way down or take a look at some late model mustang/camaro/diesel and yes, even import forums. The same people that run your "mega" Mopar forum, crank out the same layouts and sections for brand-x vehicles. The admin then anoints moderators into running the forum for nothing but "props" and they go on to deputize other moderators who in turn work collaboratively to keep you, the grassroots Mopar enthusiast, from sharing information on the forum. 

Why people put up with this, let alone "donate" to these sites is beyond my scope of reasoning. Some must simply not know there are better alternatives out there. Others likely fall into the "blind leading the blind" segment. For those of you that have ever wondered if there was something better, or felt that the regime's running those forums were a bit corrupt and money hungry, you are correct. So what do you do? Speak out and get banned? Leave? Trade in your car for a brand-x with more lenient forums? 

If you are like me, you rise up in rebellion and create that utopia-like state that is a TRUE, ALL MOPAR FORUM. Ever wonder why the LSM Slogan is, "Join the Mopar Rebellion?" Well, now you know. And now we cordially invite you to do just that!

LSM will never solicit donations. We don't make you pay to have an avatar or signature. Perhaps most importantly, we WANT YOU to SHARE information. Organizing a club in. St. Louis? Post up! Got a start up car show you need to promote, do it! Have a simple regional GTG you want to try and set up for a Friday the concept and enjoy! Pretty simple concept is it not? It is amazing how money, power (perceived power that is) and corruption can work to erode your forum freedoms and thus vanquish enjoyment.

I realize that the end users are who make the forum..not an elaborate ad scheme, not a universal layout to apply to clone forums across the net, and sure as hell not egotistical "moderators."

Lone Star Mopars stands to cut the head off the snake and bring things back to how they should have always been! No brand-x mega forums, no excessive ads, no posting restrictions, and no moderator drama. The politics and bullshit stop here! LSM was built by Mopar people, for Mopar people. We challenge you to join LSM and compare it to your experience on other sites. We are fighting for your freedom and we want you to enjoy it and help preserve this state!

So I ask you...

Join the Rebellion...Join Lone Star Mopars.

Tell others about the site, get them involved, let's build something great!
The link to the forum is:

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