Wednesday, September 26, 2018

AR Engineering's Mopar Water Neck Spacer with CTS Port: A Must Have For EFI Conversions!

AR Engineering's Mopar Water Neck Spacer with CTS Port

I'm sure some of you are on other boards/forums and might have seen this, but if not, it is definitely something you will want to know about...especially if you are converting to EFI.

 The first few steps of the conversion are usually installing an Oxygen Sensor and a Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS). Seems simple until you realize you don't have any available or ports, or that installing the CTS would require bushings and the removal of your mechanical temperature sensor. Lucky for us, Andy at AR Engineering ran into this same predicament and crafted a pretty sweet solution.

High Tech Solution for a Common Problem

This is a prototype unit, but it looks great and correctly relocates the thermostat to above the CTS. This will allow for proper operation of the computer. Since the port is offset and not centered you can easily flip it to orient the sensor to the right or left for the best/cleanest install.

Simple, Clean, and Effective

Similarly, regardless of if you swear by FiTech, switch to Holley, jump on board with Edelbrock or Fast, or even just do your own thing with MegaSquirt you are covered with this simple and effective solution.

 The part is slated for production and should be ready can find it on Andy's Site,, or over at Mancini Racing or Hughes Engines. If you are looking to make the switch to EFI, this is going to be something you will definitely want on the parts list!

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